What is LISTEN

LISTEN is a 5 session, 10 hour behavioral health intervention that was designed using the Medical Research Council Method for designing Complex Interventions. The intervention is designed to take the person on a thinking journey from self and belonging to meaning and messages. 

How LISTEN works

LISTEN encourages the exploration of concepts derived from the health and social science literature on loneliness. Through this self/group exploration, participants have recognized patterns of thought and behavior that are contributing to the perception of loneliness. This allows participants to find meaning and think about ways to diminish loneliness.

Why We Need LISTEN

Prior to LISTEN, there were no interventions that demonstrated potential success for serving as a treatment for loneliness. With approximately 17% of older U.S. adults reporting loneliness, it is imperative that we begin to treat loneliness. Based on pilot studies, LISTEN has the potential to diminish loneliness. Since loneliness is reported as being related to functional decline and mortality, it should be a health priority.