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Laurie A. Theeke, PHD, FNP-BC, GCNS-BC


Dr. Theeke developed LISTEN after years of clinical experience as a nurse practitioner and in depth study of loneliness as a unique biopsychosocial stressor that impacts human health. Dr. Theeke continues to study the impact of loneliness on health and how LISTEN can be used to diminish loneliness and improve health outcomes.   

LISTEN Helped Loneliness!


We are so excited with the results of the first pilot trials of LISTEN. LISTEN is a 5 session, 10 hour cognitive behavioral intervention that demonstrated effectiveness for diminishing loneliness. Further, participants reported high acceptability and implementing LISTEN was  feasible with efficient use of resources. 

Are Your Patients Lonely?


Consider asking your patients about loneliness. Given that loneliness is related to functional decline and mortality, it is important that we know if patients are lonely and that we make a plan for treatment! LISTEN gives healthcare providers an option! 


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